Audew Jump Starter 20000mAh Car Battery Booster USB Charger Review

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I have not often found myself in the sticky situation where I have had the need to jump-start my car. The one time I did experience this exact scenario, I was with a friend and we didn’t have anyone nearby with any jump leads available to help jump their car and neither did they have their own jump leads to allow us to ask anyone else.

It’s times like these where you wish you were more prepared. We are told to keep certain essential items in your car, should you need them in an emergency, but unless you experience them first hand, your car’s trunk is likely to be empty of these helpful items.

The Audew Jump Starter 20000mAh Car Battery Booster is one such car gadget that would be a perfect essential item to include in your car’s emergency stash, and for many more ways than you would think. The Audew Jump Starter does much more than just jump your car’s flat battery.

In the box comes a red and black coloured 20000mAh battery pack, a pair of intelligent clamps to attach to the car battery, 1x USB-A to USB-C cable, 1x USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-A wall charger and a cigarette lighter charger. All of the contents comes packaged in a hardened canvas zip case, keeping everything you need together in one single place.

First and foremost, the functionality of this gadget is to jump-start any car battery. You simply attach the clamps to your battery, connect the end of the clamps to the car’s flat battery and switch it on. After a few minutes you can attempt to start your car. The Audew Jump Starter can jump up to 6.0L petrol cars and up to 4.0L diesel cars. So there is enough power here to jump-start your truck, car, motorcycle, boat and much more.

As well as its main jump-starting feature, this gadget can discover and quick charge USB powered devices, including MacBooks with USB-C power input. With the included USB cables, and its dual USB-A ports and single USB-C port, you can serve power to a number of smartphones or tablets whilst on the move. This also means that you could take this on a trip to the beach, or even on a camping trip, and be sure there is enough power to keep your smart devices charged for the day or throughout the night.

In addition there is an LED flash light on the business end of the battery pack, which once powered can be switched between consistent light, strobe light and SOS light modes. On the side case of the battery a clear LCD display will alert you to how much battery power is remaining and what charging function and connection is being used, to and from the battery unit.

With a total size of 28.5 x 13 x 10 cm (battery 22.2cm x 8.8cm x 2.8 cm) and a weight of 1.4kg (battery 600g), this isn’t something that you’ll want to carry around with you. But as its intended purpose is for jumping your car, its size makes it easy to store in the trunk of your car, or if it is big enough you may even fit the essential items in your glove box.

The Audew Jump Starter retails currently for $89.99 from Amazon. It is one of those essential devices that you just don’t know when you will need it. However with it fully charged and sitting in my car, I know I will have enough power in my car to help myself or others in an emergency, as well as be able to charge my smart devices when I am outdoors for a considerable amount of time without a power source nearby. If you like this piece of mind and forward planning also, be sure to check out the Audew Jump Pack and get one in your car too!

Audew Jump Starter





  • Essential emergency kit for your car
  • Large battery charges smart devices
  • Great for outdoor use too


  • Bit heavy to be carried
  • USB-A only wall charger

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