Audew Handheld Cordless Vacuum Review

When it comes to vacuuming your car, if you’re anything like me, you can quickly be put-off by the burden of having to use your house vacuum cleaner and it’s many attachments, and have to then find an extension cable because the house vacuum just isn’t long enough to reach your car. Urgh! What a chore of first world problems, right?

Thanks to improving technology we are now seeing various wireless handheld vacuum cleaners that suck a little better and last a little longer than the old dust busters we are used to using back in the late 90s to early 00s.

The Audew Handheld Cordless Vaccum is such a cordless vacuum that no only is handy around the house, it helps lift the burden when the need to hoover your vehicle comes around.

In the box you’ll find the very lightweight cordless vacuum itself, an extension hose that attaches to the front, a brush nose attachment, a long nose attachment, a power wall adapter to charge the device and a handy carry case to keep the main unit and all these attachments in one single place.

The cordless vacuum and accessories all fit in its case that is the size of 38x14x13cm. It feels like the small soccer boot bag I used to carry to school. A carry handle is stitched to the top of the zipped carry case, which helps to carry it around. It’s total weight including all accessories in the case is 760g, whilst the handheld vacuum itself weighs just a mere 500g.

Powering the vacuum on and off is simply done by sliding the switch at the top of the handle forward and backward. Infront for this power switch is a button that when depressed will unlatch the dirt collecting plastic nose to empty its contents and also give you access to its stainless steel HEPA filter whenever it requires cleaning.

Charging time of its lithium-ion battery varies between three and four hours and on a full charge it will last just 25-30 minutes. This may seem short for major house or in-car use, but for small light work, the Audew’s weight and compact size makes it great to pull it out and tackle any small dirt crysis that occur around the house or in the car.

Being a tiny portable vacuum with a 120W motor (up to 4000 Pa), don’t expect the same kind of suction as a house vacuum. Technology just hasn’t got there yet for products in this price range. It does well without any of its attachments plugged into it, but using the long hose or thin nozzle attachment does reduce its overall suction power and it forces you to go over the same area a few times before you’re happy. It’s ideal for small dirt particles, hair, crumbs, small stones and water stains; but for anything bigger you may default back to lugging around your house vacuum instead.

The Audew Handheld Cordless Vaccum retails currently for just £28.99 from Amazon, which is a small price for a vacuum that can tackle the small dirt situations that occur around the house and car. It’s small size allows you to stow it away in the car boot, in a house cupboard or under the sofa, whilst it’s carry bag allows all of its accessories to stay together and never get lost.

If you’re looking for a small and light cordless vacuum whilst on a tight budget, give the Audew Handheld Cordless Vaccum a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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