Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Cable Review

Whether your old cable is on its way out, or perhaps you need another one to plug-in your device at an alternative location, you may be on the lookout for a new cable. If you’re not buying an expensive official replacement cable, it can be a minefield when browsing third-party cables. Sometimes paying very little can mean a cable just won’t last as long, and before you know it, you’re buying twice the cables over time for the same price of one decent cable that could last you two or three times as long.

Anker is usually my ‘go to’ cable manufacturer whenever I need to purchase additional or replacement cables for my devices. Their price and build quality has always been fantastic. Their latest PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-C 2.0 cable is another product that shines with the looks, the build quality and its price isn’t too bad either.

Its most striking feature is in its looks. Taking the cable out of the box you are struck with its bright red braided cable and its black connections at each end. It’s something that Sith Lord Darth Maul would be very happy in owning. If jazzy colours do not float your boat you can opt for a black colour cable instead.

The problem with all cables of this type, the join between the cable and the connector is always the weakest point where most cables break the most. With the PowerLine+ cable, its thick braided cable prevents you from creating a tight right angle, whilst the connector looks and feels like this cable will last a long while.

Lasting a while is good for your wallet. Especially when the PowerLine+ USB-C currently cost $13.99 from Amazon. At the moment USB-C cables still carry a premium price. Whilst a similar Apple cable can cost up to $19.99 for a similar length, I find Apple’s official rubber cable (although just as thick) can perish quicker than a braided cable can. The Anker is certainly more durable when it comes to charging or sending data up and down the cable.

The PowerLine+ can transfer data to and from your USB-C devices at speeds of up to 480 Mbps. This isn’t the fastest USB-C cable out there. Transferring an HD movie in less than 1 minute. The problem with the USB-C standard is that, although it may look the same, there are already a number of different class of USB-C cable around. This cable is USB-C 2.0, which has a max speed of 480 Mbps. USB-C 3.0, 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 can go from 5 Gbps, 10 Gbps, through to 40 Gbps respectively.

For most people, the PowerLine+ USB-C 2.0 will cater for most tasks, such as transferring small amounts of data or charging devices such as some Android mobiles and tablets, through to Apple MacBook 12” just as well, if not better, than the official cable that came with your device.

Hooking up the PowerLine+ to a USB-C output voltage meter saw a similar performance as the official cable from Apple. So if you’re after a spare or replacement USB-C cable, why pay the premium for an official cable where you can save a few bucks and get the Anker PowerLine+ USB-C Cable that not only looks good, but it’s more durable for your money too.

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