Anker PowerDrive Speed+2 USB-C In-Car Charger Review

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The most common dual port USB in-car chargers come with two 2.4A USB ports. However, with more powerful smartphones releasing each year, the demand for more power is growing in order to charge their ever increasing battery capacities. We are slowly beginning to hear such terminology like ‘QC3.0’ and PD (Power Delivery) technology become more common with wall charging devices and power banks. Now they are also starting to also appear in the car too.

The Anker PowerDrive Speed+2 is once such technologically advanced in-car charger for your car that features both of these technologies in one single USB charger that’s the size your own car key. It not only looks sleek and sophisticated, but it also packs one PowerIQ 2.0 (Quick Charge 3.0 compatible) USB-A port and one USB-C port with Power Delivery. Charging your devices in the car doesn’t get any quicker than this.

Packaged in a sleek glossy black plastic casing, the Anker PowerDrive Speed+2 is a nice looking and well-built charger. On top is a clear blue ring that wraps itself around the top of the charger and it also softly illuminates when it is powered – making it easier to locate in your centre console at night.

Charging your smartphone or USB devices is done by simply plugging it into either of the top two USB-A or USB-C ports, depending on your device and what power delivery it supports. If you use the USB-A port, the Anker PowerIQ 2.0 technology will charge your device 4x faster than conventual chargers. If your device supports Power Delivery, such as the latest iPhones and the newest iPad Pros, if you have a compatible USB-C cable to plug into the USB-C port, the Anker will supply your device with up to 30W of power.

As we slowly transition our devices over to the new USB Type-C standard, with more realising each year, it is great to see this connection type slowly appearing on charging devices such as this one. With this amount of power from the USB-C port, you can even keep your USB-C powered MacBook Air or MacBook Pro topped up with power. That’s pretty good if you’re travelling about and you wish to charge your laptop or tablet whilst you get to your next destination or meeting.

If you’re looking for the most powerful in-car charger that supports both old and newer devices, whilst future proofing yourself with the latest in USB-C Power Delivery; at a retail price of just $29.94 from Amazon, I would recommend you place the Anker PowerDrive Speed+2 on your list of potential in-car chargers.

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