New Low Fuel Warning in Apple CarPlay iOS 10

This is a handy little Apple CarPlay feature that has been found in the upcoming iOS 10 update. Sent in from a CarPlay Life reader (thank you!) running iOS 10 Beta 8, this feature was noticed when running low on fuel in a new Vauxhall Astra K.

carplay low fuel edit

Unless specially connected, this feature will not be possible on aftermarket receivers, so expect this to appear on your stock CarPlay display when you’re running low on fuel – let’s hope that nearby station isn’t too far away!

The contextual options to search for nearby fuel stations will come super handy for those people not familiar with their surroundings, with a simple tap of the button they can be directed to the nearest stations to refuel.

carplay low fuel capture

iOS 10 launches very soon to the general public, possibly tonight, during Apples iPhone 7 event at 10am PDT (6pm GMT). However if you can’t wait for that, you can join their public beta program.

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