CarLinkit 2.0 (2nd Generation) Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle Install and Walkthrough

Enjoy our first-impressions of the CarLinkit 2.0 wireless Apple CarPlay dongle. A second generation to the original CarLinkit dongle, that allows existing wired Apple CarPlay systems to function wirelessly instead.

In this video we look at the dongle itself, get it installed and running on our Alpine X902D-G7 aftermarket system that’s installed in our Golf GTI Mk7. We also compare it to another wireless dongle. We check out the speed from boot-up, switching tracks and testing the wheel controls.

Using USB-C and 5 GHz wireless protocol, the CarLinkit 2.0 is slightly faster, however, the boot time is pretty much the same experience as previous generations. Integration and navigation do feel slightly faster between commands and display on the screen, as well as audio delay.

Look out for our full review here on soon.

You can buy the CarLinkit 2.0 dongle directly from Carplaying for a bargain $109.90 using our affiliated link

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