Wireless Apple CarPlay in a Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 using CPlay2Air Wireless CarPlay Dongle

Today we sit in my VW Golf GTI Mk7 and I show you the working on my aftermarket fitted Alpine X902D-G7 receiver, which is a wired CarPlay receiver, made wireless, thanks to the CPlay2Air dongle.

Turn your wired CarPlay receiver wireless with the CPLAY2air dongle – – Ships Worldwide!


00:54 – I show the CPlay2Air dongle in the centre console
01:50 – Wireless CarPlay app demo Waze
03:18 – Timed ‘cold start’ ignition to CarPlay home screen (38 seconds)
04:10 – Wireless CarPlay app demo Spotify & Google Maps
04:54 – Siri interaction
05:10 – Steering wheel controls
05:50 – Wireless CarPlay app demo WhatsApp via Siri
06:20 – Phone calling
07:12 – Attempting to connect to a second device
08:17 – CPlay2Air main menu interface
10:00 – Timed ‘cold start’ to CPlay2Air menu (13 seconds)
10:24 – Pairing to a second (new) device – an iPhone 7
11:40 – Timed ‘cold start’ to iPhone 7 (38 seconds)
13:20 – Timed ‘cold start’ reconnection to iPhone 11 Pro (57 seconds)
15:02 – Wrap up

In my testing, the works great on the Alpine X902D system in my Volkswagen Golf Mk7. Average time from a cold start to wireless CarPlay can vary, but I was getting around 38 seconds. This is from key ignition to seeing the CarPlay menu. Times will vary if your own car infotainment system boots up faster or slower than my Alpine did.

Reconnecting to the original iPhone 11 Pro took a little longer at 57 seconds. I had to reselect the phone and the system likely had to disconnect from my iPhone 7 and repair with my iPhone 11 Pro and then sync the Wi-Fi display to the receiver. If you take the ~20 seconds this had taken, on top of the cold start to the interface (13 seconds), you get close to the overall 38 seconds it takes normally to directly connect to the first preferred paired device.

This device is a for anyone with an existing wired CarPlay system, wishing to make it wireless. Wireless CarPlay is an ideal solution for short trips where you can keep your iPhone in your pocket or bag and connect to your car’s infotainment system without connecting it with a wire cable.

Look out for our full review here very soon. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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