Wireless CarPlay & Car Apps Confirmed For iOS9

Wireless CarPlay iOS9

As we predicting in our Wireless CarPlay article, Apple has confirmed at their WWDC developer’s conference today, that they will be brining Wireless CarPlay compatibility in their next milestone software update for Apple devices – iOS 9.

Releasing this Fall, on a large range of iOS 8 compatible devices from iPads to iPhones, Wireless CarPlay will be a major feature for the new Apple iOS 9 software.

“In future cars you will be able to get into your car without taking the phone out of your bag or pocket, and start experiencing CarPlay, effortlessly.” said Craig Federighi, Apple VP of Software Engineering.

On top of Wireless CarPlay, additional apps from car makers will become available for future car models that will streamline the control of your car’s features, without leaving the CarPlay interface.

Carplay Life - CarPlay iOS9

“In iOS9, apps will by available by the auto maker will be able available, to control things in your car without leaving the CarPlay experience. CarPlay will support more kinds of screens, wider aspect ratios, high DPI displays, and most significantly we are pulling the cord.”

So switching between Apple Maps, or Apple Music to in-car features such as your car’s temperature settings or trip computer will all be handled inside CarPlay.

Fall is a fair few months away, but with the Public Beta in July for iOS9, the ball is truly in the manufacture’s and aftermarket system’s court now, to bring or unveil their wireless CarPlay solutions. We’re waiting guys!

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