Wireless Apple CarPlay is Coming for iLX-700/iLX-007


It is becoming increasingly likely that current aftermarket CarPlay systems will not be compatible with Apple’s Wireless CarPlay feature, which is coming to iOS 9 later this year. Rumours of Wi-Fi chips being required rule out all aftermarket CarPlay systems apart from Alpine’s iLX-700/007.

However this might all change, with a fresh rumour going around that Apple’s Wireless CarPlay may require the use of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connections to function.

The Alpine iLX-700/007 is the only system said to have a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip inside its casing, meaning that this system, once a firmware update has been applied, may be compatible with Wireless CarPlay after all!

It appears that Alpine have removed the listing of Wireless from its packaging, yet they have not stopped building iLX-007/700 units with this chip inside, and they hope to release a Bluetooth dongle for the unit, along with a firmware update, some time later this year.

Regarding other aftermarket systems from Pioneer and the latest CarPlay systems from Kenwood, these Bluetooth enabled units might also be compatible with Wireless CarPlay, but only if the manufactures decide to supply a Wi-Fi USB dongle and a firmware update to bring both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to their existing systems.

Personally, I think it is most likely that Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine will announce new Wireless CarPlay systems later this year, rather than roll out such a ‘patched’ fix to their existing line of CarPlay systems. If you are still waiting to jump on a new Wireless CarPlay stereo system for your vehicle, I would still wait until Alpine confirms this themselves before buying a iLX-007/700 system.

Until then, we’re still waiting…

[Source: Car Stereo Chick]

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