Waze CarPlay Home Screen dashboard view spotted in testing

We have had this captured image anonymously shared in our inbox which shows off the upcoming Home Screen Dashboard view in the Waze iOS app.

Currently, under beta, Waze testers of the navigation app have had private access this new functionality in the app, which displays its directions in the Home Screen Dashboard Navigation panel.

As you can see in the captured image (above) all the features fans love using in Waze has been captured in this mini-view panel on the Home Screen Dashboard CarPlay view, including the view of other Wazers, the road speed limit and real-time speed tracking as well as the usual iOS ETA and minutes remaining indicated at the bottom of the panel, whilst directions are carried over in the Siri suggestions panel during navigation.

It was mentioned over on reddit that police, hazards and traffic are also highlighted in this panel view but not with specific visuals, hopefully this gets addressed in the future. Dark mode bugs were also fixed in this beta build.

With Home Screen Dashboard navigation being supported in a number of applications from Google, Apple, Magic Earth, Sygic and TomTom, it is great to see Waze hasn’t left this feature behind. It was rumoured that it was in their pipeline for a Q4 release, however it has been mentioned that we might not see this publicly in the app until Spring 2021!

It was said that Waze was going to implement lane guidance before its Home Screen dashboard integration, and the good news is that I have been told that lane guidance is also available in the current closed Beta, with its visuals being very identical to Google Maps’ land guidance UI, which is not a bad thing.

As these features are already underway in the private beta, there is hope we might see these features roll out over the coming weeks and months, but if bugs continue to rear their heads, that Spring 2021 public release date might be more realistic!

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