Video Walkthrough of new Apple CarPlay Features in iOS 13

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Having tried many times to install iOS 13 myself and failing – I have no idea why I can’t – the plan to bring you a full overview of the all-new Apple CarPlay update in iOS 13 went out the window pretty quickly.

Luckily those that have been (lucky?) able to install iOS 13 on their iPhone’s there are a number of people sharing photos and videos of Apple’s new Apple CarPlay experience.

Apple Insider brings us one of the better walkthroughs of Apple CarPlay on iOS 13 with a 4-minute overview of the features of the new Home screen dashboard as well as the Apple Music app and the new Calendar and Settings apps.

iOS 13 will be landing on your iPhone this Fall, however you can get early access to the Public beta in July and if you have developer access, you can grab the manual install of the launch version of iOS 13 right now, through the developer portal.

I’ll try the next developer beta once it allows over the air download and bring you my own impressions then.

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