TomTom Apple CarPlay Beta App Update 2 Adds New Features

For anyone testing out the TomTom beta testing their CarPlay enabled App, head over to the TestFlight application and download the latest update.

The 2nd beta version is a little overdue, however, it brings some stability improvements and some new features that were lacking in their first beta version.

The Menu display now has two new options. One for displaying recently added destinations whilst the second option that I personally found lacking was the search for Parking places along my route or location.

The update also mentions there are new translations in the app as well as automatic day/night triggering – if supported by your car’s infotainment system whilst running Apple CarPlay.

The navigation engine has been improved, bringing a number of stability improvements, however in my testing, I’ve yet to encounter any problems.

The TomTom CarPlay App remains as a great alternative to Apple Maps, Waze and Google Maps. Its public release is still unknown, however, we are still in ‘Early 2019’, so it could still be a few months away.

There are still some improvements to be made, with the iPhone still not acting as a second screen of information, like other navigation apps, displaying the same navigation as the CarPlay screen.

I hope to bring a full rundown of all the third-party navigation apps that are compatible with Apple CarPlay real soon.

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