Sony Reveals Two New Apple CarPlay Enabled Receivers At IFA 2018

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IFA has yet to open its doors, yet it has not stopped Sony in announcing two new Apple CarPlay receivers, both which will be releasing this September.

The Sony XAV-AX3005DB CarPlay enabled receiver will pack a larger 6.95″ clear responsive (800×480) touchscreen, rear view camera display, and it will also feature a built in DAB/DAB+ tuner.

In addition to its 4x55W high power output, this AV receiver will have you singing away and enjoying the EXTRA BASS circuitry, which overcomes engine noise and reproduces clear punch sound at any volume level. You can also benefit from the sound optimization as the DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer) creates a more vivid sound as if there were speakers in front of you.

The receiver is also FLAC audio file compatible via the USB terminal meaning it plays back compressed audio without any loss in quality. It is also forward thinking as for future expandability: the 3-pre out connectivity can build a full acoustic system including external amplifiers, subwoofers and more for even louder and powerful sound reproduction.

The rear of the chassis is designed with smaller single-DIN form factor, which will gives enough room for a neat finish. There is also a new ‘quick wake up’ feature that is promised to improve boot up time so that the system is ready for the road as soon as it is turned on, with no need for hanging around for your directions to start or radio to play. The ergonomic key terminal is designed with drivers in mind as it minimizes distractions when you are behind the wheel.

The Sony XAV-AX3005DB will be available in Europe from September and it will be priced at £400 or €450. Which is pretty good price from Sony I think.

Sony’s new and cheaper Apple CarPlay enabled XAV-AX1000 receiver

In addition to the release of the AX3005DB, a new Sony XAV-AX1000 model was also announced, which drops its dual Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support for just Apple CarPlay. This is a much cheaper option from Sony. It has a noticeable USB port on the front of the unit which sits beside a 6.2″ clear responsive touch screen display, 55×4 power output, EXTRA BASS, DSO and it will also feature Sony’s new quick wake up design.

The XAV-AX1000 model will also release in Europe from September and it will be priced at £270 or €300.

For more specifications, visit:


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