Pioneer Announces New Mechless Apple CarPlay Receiver

Pioneer announced a new aftermarket receiver with Apple CarPlay support at this year’s CES 2018, to go with their latest suite of CarPlay receivers released at the end of 2017.

A total of seven Apple CarPlay compatible receivers carry the “NEW!” badge on Pioneer’s website, these are:

  • NEW! MVH-1400NEX – Capacitive WVGA 6.2″ – Mechless – No AndroidAuto – $350
  • AVH-3300NEX – Resistive WVGA 7″ – $600
  • AVH-2330NEX LIMITED EDITION – Resistive WVGA 7″ ft Build-in HD RADIO – $500
  • AVH-2300NEX – Resistive WVGA 7″ ft CD/DVD – No AppRadio+ – $500
  • MVH-2300NEX – Resistive WVGA 7″ Mechless – $450
  • AVH-1300NEX – Resistive WVGA 6.2″ ft CD/DVD – No AndroidAuto – $400
  • AVH-1330NEX LIMITED EDITION – Resistive WVGA 6.2″ ft Build-in HD Radio – $400

Two of the ‘new’ receivers above are limited editions. They are pretty much the same as the neighbouring models but with built-in HD Radio features and are sold through selected stores.

At CES 2018 Pioneer announced a new mechless receiver releasing in early 2018, the 1400NEX. The 1400NEX (pictured above) looks to be a SPH-DA120 (AppRadio 4) replacement, featuring the same 6.2″ capacitive display, CarPlay, but no Android Auto support, whilst the previously released mechless receiver, the 2300NEX, features a 7″ resistive display and has both CarPlay and Android Auto support. The 1400NEX carries very similar form factor to the SPH-DA120 (AppRadio 4), with silver edged bezel and touch-sensitive controls running down the left side of the 6.2″ display, it’s also similarly priced at the low-end of the range.

Sadly, neither of these ‘new’ receivers feature the very desirable wireless CarPlay. So if you were hoping Pioneer was going to offer you a cable-free experience in your car, you’ll have to wait a little later this year, when Pioneer is rumoured to release the wireless prototype receivers that they were also demoing at this year’s consumer electronics show.

The MVH-1400NEX is available in February, with the remaining receivers already available at retailers and online.

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