Mazda remains committed to bringing Apple CarPlay to its Vehicles

With recent announcements of Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus offering Apple CarPlay, that leaves Mazda as one of the only, if not THE only, major automaker to address the Apple-white elephant in the room.

During the North American International Auto Show, Mac Rumours reached out and managed to get a statement from Mazda on the topic.

“We remain committed to introducing the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies to our vehicles, designing them to interface with our MAZDA CONNECT infotainment system in a manner that promotes a focus on the driving experience. We cannot provide timing or any additional details at this time.”

If Mazda holds on to their promises, their Connect system has already been implement into a number of vehicles since their 2013 line of models, so once integrated Mazda could be bringing Apple CarPlay to a number of existing vehicles eventually, it just leaves the question of when exactly.

As you can tell, Mazda doesn’t seem confident in sharing any news on this rather touchy subject. Could they be having issues with integrating Apple CarPlay with their Mazda Connect system? Who knows.

The wait continues…

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