Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System $200 discount this Black Friday – improve your road ahead during night driving

[Update] This Black Friday, you can buy the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System with a discount of $200 using the promo code LMDNVS_BF before December 1st, 2019.

With the early dark evenings creeping up on us here in the Northen hemisphere, commuting at night is soon becoming the norm at this time of year. Some drivers find it difficult to drive at night, and if you suffer from this, there are some technological solutions out there that can help.

If you struggle to see clearly at night, technology has come in leaps and bounds to aid drivers with the ability to not only improve their ability to see in the night but also give the ability to see more clearly in more serious weather conditions such as heavy snow, fog and torrential rain.

The Lanmodo 1080p Night Vision System is a magical piece of technology with the aim of giving drivers improved vision during visually restrictive conditions.

The system is simply fixed on to your dashboard or screen-mounted with the camera facing out the windscreen ahead of you. Once powered the highly sensitive camera comes alive at night and displays improved sight on the road ahead of you on its wide 8.2″ IPS display.

Currently, you can pick up the Lanmodo Vast 1080p Automotive Night Vision System $100 off its full price at $499 direct from Lanmodo website.

We also have special coupon codes for you, if you wish to take another $50-off the price on Lanmodo store (using coupon code CARPLAY50).

With warehouses in the USA and Germany, there is free worldwide shipping when purchasing direction from Lanmodo themselves.

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