Kenwood Announce Eight New Apple CarPlay Receivers

Kenwood DDX9903s CarPlay

Kenwood has announced eight new Apple CarPlay receivers for 2016, joining the four they released in 2015. Prices, release dates and where they will be actually selling is still to be announced.

Models span both their regular and eXcelon brands, with various 6.2 to 6.95-inch displays. Below is a rundown of each model releasing:

  • DDX 9903S eXcelon (2016)
  • DDX 6903S eXcelon (2016)
  • DNX 893S eXcelon (2016)
  • DNX 693S eXcelon (2016)
  • DDX 9703S (2016)
  • DDX 6703S (2016)
  • DNX 573S (2016)
  • DNX 773S (2016)

Before you go searching, neither will have Wireless CarPlay in them. More details can be found with each receiver link on our Apple CarPlay Aftermarket Receivers page.

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