JBL Removes Legend CP100 Apple CarPlay Receiver

It has been brought to our attention that JBL has pulled the plug on its Legend CP100 Apple CarPlay receiver, who has removed all presence of the CarPlay receiver from their website. 

Looking around online, there doesn’t seem to be many, if any, that are now selling the CP100, and a quick Google search for the official Legend CP100 page (JBL Legend CP100 – JBL.com) lead to a ‘Page not found‘ yesterday, and today the same official link is now being redirected to JBL’s homepage.

Unveiled at CES 2016, the JBL Legend CP100 had great potential as a decent entry-level Apple CarPlay receiver. It looked great, the UI was clean, and it had a decent (for the price) amount of options available, including Bluetooth 3.0 and dual CarPlay and Android Auto support.

The CP100 was scheduled to release in early 2016. Many fans pre-ordered days after its announcement in January 2016, yet early doubts of the receiver’s release started to show as JBL kept pushing back its release date. Retailers claimed they were still awaiting stock from JBL in May…

“Crutchfield first offered this item for pre-order in January of 2016 and we regret that we are still awaiting our first shipment. There have been delays getting the necessary certification from Applefor the CarPlay feature. As soon as we have firm shipping information, we will post an official Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for this radio.”

Crutchfield pulled their listing of CP100 in June, stating that they won’t be getting any stock until January 2017. JBL then updated the CP100 section of their website in July with a ‘Coming Soon’ message.

It was looking more hopeful when some people began to receive units, but in turn they were also seeing issues…

“I have one of these. It was in my 2017 Jayco Alante that I just took deliver of today. Not sure if it’s a dealer issue or a software issue, but Android Auto doesn’t work, and Bluetooth will only pair up for Phone, not Media. Trying to reach JBL for assistance.”

In December people who pre-ordered as far back as February 2016 started to get their orders cancelled…

“I ordered the unit from our employee website in February. The shipping has been delayed four times, and as of yesterday the order has been canceled and they can’t give me an estimated date when the radio will hit the market.”

With retailers removing any listing of the product, and with the final curtain being dawn over the official website listing for JBL’s first Apple CarPlay receiver, it doesn’t look hopeful for JBL and its Legend CP100.

We’ve reached out to JBL Audio to comment.

[Thanks Dan for the tip]

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