What Does iOS 9.3 Update Bring to CarPlay?

Apple opened the doors to their iOS 9.3 update yesterday, which means everyone can now update to Apple’s latest software update. Since the many iterations of the Beta, little else has been introduced since its first Beta release a few months ago. There has been some refinements but there’s been nothing new to shout about.

So what does iOS 9.3 bring to Apple CarPlay? Let’s update you if you didn’t know already:

Improved Apple Music

Apple’s music app gets some minor improvements and two new features in the form of a ‘New’ and ‘For You’ custom playlist screens. The ‘New’ screen lists some additional sub categories for new music added to Apple Music, whilst the ‘For You’ lists albums recommend by Apple Music, based on your own music tastes.

Improved Apple Maps

If you use Apple Maps, and with just one navigation CarPlay app only present, you probably are, then you have a new featured called Nearby. This is Apple Maps’ new Points of Interest feature, which allows you to have a quick access area to key local places of interest. These places are local petrol stations, parking, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets.


And that’s it!

For a video run-through of iOS 9.3, check out this great walkthrough by 9to5Mac:

Sadly there wasn’t much else updated in Apple’s CarPlay, which mirrors how little Apple touched on CarPlay during their ‘Loop You In’ media event yesterday. It is a shame we didn’t see some more desirable features come to Apple CarPlay in this iOS 9.3 update. It feels like Apple is running the marathon rather than a sprint in this new venture of theirs.

On the bright side, in a couple of months, I am sure we will get a preview of iOS 9.4 (or maybe it will be iOS 10) during Apple’s WWDC event in June/July, at which point I am sure we will also hear more about wireless CarPlay and hopefully many more features to come to Apple’s CarPlay.

To update to iOS 9.3, go to Settings > General > Software Update to start the upgrade to iOS 9.3 process. Enjoy!

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