iOS 14 brings new CarPlay app categories – but not the ones we all want

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Apple kicked off its WWDC keynote this year, albeit in an remote way this time around. In its pre-recorded keynote there were a number of highlights to take from its unveiling of its suite of new operating systems, one of which is iOS 14.

iOS 14 brings a long with it a number of improvements, mostly to its home screen and widgets, which has also ushered some new improvements for Apple CarPlay too. So what’s new? Let us fill you in on what’s coming to Apple CarPlay in iOS 14.

Three new apps join the four existing categories in iOS 13

Prior to iOS 14, Apple only allows a handful of applications on its CarPlay platform, these being Music, VOIP, Messaging and Navigation apps. In iOS 14, Apple has opened the doors a little wider to accept a few new app categories.

EV Charging CarPlay Apps

The first is EV charging apps. These apps will likely be used to instruct the owner of an EV vehicle on locations that can charge their electric vehicle. We will likely see EV charging locations be supported in most navigation apps. Apple’s own Maps app in iOS 14 will do this, and I am sure Google and others will not be too far behind.

iOS 14 Apple Maps will already feature EV charge locations and map routing

Parking CarPlay Apps

The second is Parking. In this category of CarPlay app, I can imagine dedicated parking apps will be used to purchase and reserve parking spaces whilst in the car, over CarPlay, without diving into your iPhone. Locating parking is already available in most navigation apps on CarPlay, so I think taking payment is the only real missing piece for Parking apps on CarPlay.

Food-Ordering CarPlay Apps

The final third new CarPlay app category coming to iOS 14 is Food-ordering apps. It seems many people out there would like to order food, either from restaurants or fast-food outlets, in advance, whilst driving out to them. Personally I have never done this, but I can see being able to browse and order food from a restaurant’s app could be a thing. My worry is the browsing part, whilst driving. It doesn’t sound safe if you’re causing the roads whilst also ordering a cheeseburger from a McDonald’s CarPlay app.

New app categories are very welcome, as there is only a limit on what you can and cannot allow whilst safely driving on the move. The food-ordering app category will be interesting, mostly to see what Apple allows here and how involving it will be to order whilst driving – if this will be allowed.

We will be bringing you a preview of iOS 14 on Apple CarPlay, so be sure to come back soon to read our first-impressions at all these new features.

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