iOS 13 Beta 3 brings album art to even smaller Apple CarPlay displays

iOS 13 Beta 3 was released recently, and the good news for album cover art lovers out there is that Apple has tweaked the updated Apple CarPlay UI to cater for what is a common screen size that’s shared on a number of Apple CarPlay compatible system displays.

Previously, Beta 2 didn’t display cover art on the Now Playing screen on our Alpine X902D-G7 headunit, whilst updating to Beta 3 of the upcoming iOS 13 now displays cover art on the New Playing screen.

The new home screen dashboard view has had its navigation notches removed, which allows for increased vertical space, so if you never received album art and/or track names previously, check in Beta 3, as the extra room might now allow this content to display as Apple intended.

As each beta releases, Apple CarPlay is forming into a rather decent update. Now that I am able to see album art, although previously I was not bothered about it, it now adds an extra polish to what was quite a bland and generic looking screen whilst music was playing.

As noted by people running the Public Beta 1 of iOS 13, the dark mode is now a little darker in this Developer Beta 3, giving a higher sense of contrast to the CarPlay display, more so during nighttime driving. With that said though, Apple Maps continues to display in daylight when dark mode is locked down. Hopefully, this gets addressed in a future beta update.

iOS 13 is currently in beta for a few more months as the iPhone firmware update is due to release this September/October alongside new Apple iPhone hardware.

If you spot anything new in Beta 3, let us know in the comments.

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