iOS 13 Apple CarPlay beta 2 brings album art to the small screen

Published On June 19, 2019 | News

When Apple revealed iOS 13, its album art on the now playing screen was finally featured, much to everyone’s excitement.

Sadly though, it wasn’t until people downloaded the first released version of the beta that we soon found out this display arrangement was reserved for widescreen CarPlay displays.

Lots of complaints ensued, yet either Apple already had smaller screen support in mind in a future update or they saw this negative feedback and decided to include album art on smaller Apple CarPlay displays.

Many users who are already using the latest beta 2 of iOS 13 are reporting the album art is now showing on their, much narrower, display.

Thanks to those that shared their beta 2 now playing screens above across Facebook, Twitter and on Reddit.

It’s great to see these new features get tweaked and improved for all CarPlay users. Let hope more tweaks unfold during the iOS 13 beta phase.

You can jump on the public beta of iOS 13 in July, otherwise it’s a long wait until September/October for iOS to come out of beta.

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