iCarTech Announces New Upcoming CarPlay Receiver

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iCarTech VX8

German car entertainment company, iCarTech, have announced the imminent release of their VX8 navigation & multimedia car receiver, which features both Apple’s CarPlay and Google Android Auto platform.

On the surface this 8″ aftermarket stereo gives its competitors a run for their money, with a feature list full of goodies, including: 8″ capacitive display, Apple CarPlay and Google Auto compatibility, anti-glare protection, live vehicle information (tachometer, speed and acceleration) and steering wheel functions, parking radar monitor and climate controls. Some of these features were promised by Parrot’s (no longer selling) RNB6 receiver, so it is good to see iCarTech pick up the baton of features in this upcoming head unit.

iCarTech VX8 Front

So how much is this going to cost you? €889 is the listed price on their official site. With its feature-packed line-up of features, it is definitely a receiver aimed at the higher bracket of CarPlay enabled head units.

More importantly, it’s also worth noting that the VX8 is only best suited with Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT vehicles. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick one of these up and do a custom install in other vehicles, just bear the 8″ display in mind. Check the receiver’s dimensions at the bottom of their page.

iCarTech VX8 BackFor more information on the VX8, head over to their official page. We’ve reached out to iCarTech, and will hopefully have some hands-on impressions of the VX8 CarPlay receiver very soon.

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