How CarPlay Heralds the Arrival of the Apple Car

One of the most sought after news surrounding Apple is the development of the Apple Car. This June, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed to Bloomberg that the company has plans to develop technology for the automotive market. He told Bloomberg, “We are focusing on autonomous systems. It’s core technology we view as very important.” The news site informed that Cook called the technology “probably one of the most difficult AI projects to work on.” Yet it is likely that we already have one indication of what the Apple Car will be like through Apple’s CarPlay system. note that while confirmed details are slim on the Apple Car, CarPlay most likely represents what Apple intends to do inside the car. As readers to this site will know, CarPlay is a simplified interface of the iPhone that allows drivers to use applications without compromising road safety. CarPlay Life has listed the numerous benefits of having CarPlay in the car. The biggest benefit is that it opens up a lot of options to drivers as it can be controlled through Siri without the driver taking their hands off the wheel.

It is expected that Siri will play a big part in the AI for the future Apple Car. Mac World reported that in 2016 Apple was awarded self-driving permits in California. This could mean two things. Either Apple is building its own self-driving car or that it will combine its technology with other self-driving cars that are being developed. It is not hard to conceive that Siri will be used, like it is on CarPlay, to control applications in the car.

Apple has been at the forefront of graphical user interface technology. The Apple Car will likely include a new way to interact with iOS apps. One area that will likely be developed for the car are gaming applications. Apple has always used iOS games to demonstrate the power of its products and the Apple Car will likely be no different. Games cannot currently be played on CarPlay as the interface is designed for the driver to use with minimal distraction. The Apple Car however will be designed for all occupants and Apple will incorporate its app technology, through iTunes, for all passengers.

Apple’s iOS app tech is perfect for the Apple Car. Apple’s interface has proven to be highly adaptable for major game franchises such as FIFA, which has taken full advantage of the technology. Non-traditional gaming platform Foxy Bingo also have an app which helps them offer over 300 games to players through one application. This huge range of choice will likely be replicated through in-car technology. How passengers will be able to use these types of apps while on the road will be a big selling point. The Apple Car is expected to built upon the iOS interface, to create an interactive experience for car passengers that is similar to CarPlay, but without the current safety restrictions.

It is important to note that nothing is official and we aren’t likely to hear many details for the foreseeable future from the secretive company. However, Tim Cook’s admission that they are working on autonomous systems for cars means that developments to the CarPlay system should be viewed closely. It is likely that Apple is using the system to develop ideas for the future Apple Car.

Guest written by Katie Joe

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