Gracenote App Brings Radio to Apple CarPlay, But With A Catch

Apple CarPlay does have its fair share of compatible radio apps, you could say too many, however Gracenote – the company who creates tagging information for digital music – seems to think they can do one better with an all-in-one radio solution for Apple CarPlay.

gracenote display[Source:]

Demonstrating the app during CES 2018, Gracenote showed they can deliver rich radio interface, integrated with Apple CarPlay. Going one step beyond the typical radio app, the app allows drivers to choose their favourite stations and discover new stations by location and genre, combining bother streaming and broadcast stations.

Switching between the system radio and Apple CarPlay can be a disjointed experience, so having a fully fledge radio app within CarPlay would be ideal. However, the disappointing news to all this, is that Gracenote will not be releasing the app to consumers (?!). Instead they will be providing their technology to partners, likely automakers who, via accessing their own automaker app, will grant access to radio functions of your vehicle and display them within Apple CarPlay.

The media press seems to have gone all over this news, which shows the need for a single radio streaming app, not over fifty individual single radio applications.

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