Ford Favours SYNC over Apple’s CarPlay


Although Ford is one of Apple’s launch partners for its CarPlay platform, it seems Ford hasn’t given up the fight for the in-car dashboard by offering its own SYNC technology over CarPlay or Google Auto.

Don’t all panic just yet though, Ford owners, Ford will continue to implement Apple’s and Google’s  own platforms into their models. It has been said that CarPlay and Google Auto will sit along side Ford’s SYNC, however Ford’s proprietary technology will be sitting up front, whilst Google Auto and CarPlay fight it out in the back seat.

It’s all about giving car buyers the choice, and not let their smartphone rule the shortlist of vehicles they want to buy…

“We want to make sure you are not pushed into a decision on a $40,000 car based on your $200 smartphone,” Ford CTO Raj Nair said.

It looks like Ford is building a synergy between SYNC and the ‘other offerings’ too, when they say: “If a customer wants to use, say, Google’s maps but listen to Sirius radio through SYNC, Ford will make that possible”.

The latest update of SYNC will appear this Summer, replacing Microsoft’s BlackBerry’s QNX system. With updates available over Wi-Fi, there is also a good chance SYNC systems from Ford may also support Wireless CarPlay.

[Source: Re/code]

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