Drive Through Casinos – Do They Exist?

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Land based casinos have been around for many years, however in the early 1990’s online casinos first started to appear, followed a few years later by mobile casinos.

Competition between casino operators in all three of those environments is of course great, and they are all eager to get new players either visiting their venues or playing online as well as downloading their latest casino apps too.

Therefore, the only way a casino these days can stay in business is by evolving and expanding their offerings to gamblers and all manner of new initiatives have been launched to help operators keep players coming through their physical or cyber doors.

According to that another alternative to drive through casino is by playing real money casino games using mobile casino gambling apps while you are in the car.

One question you may have is whether there are going to be any drive through casinos coming soon, for with lockdowns being part of our day to day lives, and as many casinos have been forced to shut down for long and extended periods of time, such a concept may well take off.

Well, currently there are no plans to launch any drive through casinos any time soon, however you may be surprised to learn, or possibly not, that there are some gambling related companies that have launched drive throughs at which you can gamble, and I will take a look at those below.

Drive Through Sportsbooks

One relatively new concept you may come across are what are known as drive through sportsbooks, and for those of you that have not embraced online or mobile gambling and dare not wander into a land based sports betting venue for fear you may put your health at risk doing so, then that may be music to your ears so to speak.

It is in fact a relatively simple procedure when visiting a drive through sportsbook to place your bets and wagers, for you simply follow the instructions given, which usually entails you giving your bets verbally via a standalone pod with a microphone and speaker attached to it, then driving to the cashier’s window, handing over your stake money at which point in time you will be handed your betting slip.

If you win then you simply return to the drive through window, your betting slip is scanned, and your winnings are then handed over to you instantly on the spot in cash.

Keep in mind though that not all States offer such a facility yet, for they need approval from local gambling regulators to offer such a service, but those States that have launched drive through sportsbooks have reported a very steady stream of customers, so it looks like they could be here to stay.

But it is far to say many people much prefer the old fashioned way of placing a bet, that being by visiting their local sportsbook, at which they can if they so desire grab a drink or snack, place a bet then sit back and watch the sporting event they bet on via the video screens inside that venue.

Some sports bettors however now place their bets and wagers online or via a mobile device, and there are often many additional benefits bestowed on them for doing so, such as bonuses for making a deposit and often enhanced betting odds or even free bets given away as comps.

But once again the laws surrounding both online and mobile sports betting can and do vary from U.S. State to State and some have fully embraced those two gambling environments, whilst some are still working out whether to legalize such sites and apps.

Lottery and Scratch Offs Drive Throughs 

One final type of gambling experience you may find you may be able to take part in via a drive through is being able to purchase lottery tickets or even scratch offs.

However, any seasoned gambler will tell you the odds of winning big when either playing the lottery or buying scratch offs are tiny, and as such you should never get carried away when doing so.

As for whether any other types of drive throughs will be seen soon at which you can gamble, well I doubt it will be possible to play games such as poker or bingo via a drive through, however you just never know what gambling related company operators will dream up next for their customers.

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