Do Online Casinos Work in Your Car?

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One of the cool things about the iGaming industry is it is always at the forefront of technological innovation. Online casinos are quick to embrace new form factors to deliver their services to customers. As in-car systems become par for the course in vehicles, will the online casino realm branch out into this space?

Interestingly, while this is not officially happening just yet, there are ways to play online casino apps on your in-car infotainment system. Whether you’re using Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, or another alternative, you can play online casinos apps. At its most fundamental, this is possible because infotainment systems are basically oversized smartphone and mobile platforms. 

If you think of it this way, you can do all the things on your in-car system that you can on your mobile. On certain cars, you can browse the web and access applications. For the online casino player, this means they can check information like the Michigan online gambling guide, and even access online casino apps. 

Here’s how it works. 

Access Online Apps in Your Car

It is worth noting it’s not just online casinos you can access in your car; any app will work. Most in-car infotainment systems support applications and getting casino apps on your system is not hard. Whether you’re sitting in a parking lot, waiting to pick someone up, or stuck in a traffic jam, access to apps is an excellent in-car time killer. 

And here’s the good news, it works just like it would any other system. You just find the online casino app you want to use, and you download it. If you think this seems fanciful, carmakers are already on-board with this idea. Did you know Tesla has already debuted two online pokers games for its cars in the Chinese market?

Is it Safe?

Of course, this is a natural question considering the subject matter. Like anything else in the driving world, playing online casino apps in your car is as safe as you want it to be. Clearly, you should not be playing any game or interacting with any app while your car is in motion and you are driving. This is called distracted driving and should be avoided. 

However, if you are stationary, you can enjoy an online casino app in your car just as you would any other type of app.

What Does the Future Hold?

In fact, as we move further into the realm of autonomous vehicles, infotainment systems will really start to come into their own. In vehicles of the future, there will be no steering wheels and no driver interaction. You will essentially be a passenger in your car. Entertainment will become important in your vehicle. 

When autonomous vehicles reach maturity, you will be able to play online casinos even when your car is in motion. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to browse websites, read online magazines, look at photos, watch movies, and anything else. Of course, you can do those things on your in-car infotainment now, but only under safe and stationary conditions.

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