Clarion NX807 Apple CarPlay Receiver Now Available In Stores

Announced at this year’s CES 2017, the VX807AU, NX807 (US), NX807E (UK) is now available to purchase from certain retailers. 

Showing as in stock in a few Australian retailers, prices are chiming in at $999 in Australia (€700 EU, $750 US, £600).

This is Clarion’s first volley onto Apple’s CarPlay platform. The NX807 brings a 7″ WVGA touchscreen display, support for Pandora and Bluetooth Audio streaming, smartphone mirroring via HDMI, 15 band graphic equaliser, 96kHz/24-bit high-resolution playback of FLAC audio files, and a TOSLINK digital audio output.

The NX807 will come with the usual array of connections that you come to expect from a premium model, including HDMI input, two USB inputs, RCA input, and connections for a rear-view camera. The system will also be compatible with OEM steering wheel remote controls.

It’s great to have another 7″ option for Apple CarPlay, however I hope the availability becomes more widespread.

More information can be found over on their official page.

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