CarPlay Will Feature Big at London Motor Show


It was great news to hear the return of the London Motor Show on 5-8 May 2016. With a number of growing manufacturers with CarPlay enabled vehicles releasing during 2015/2016, CarPlay will be the talk of the town when all the 2016 vehicles roll onto the show floor in May next year. 

It will be an ideal time for potential new car owners living in the UK and Europe to sample the many different ways manufactures have integrated Apple’s CarPlay platform, with vehicles having varying screen sizes, different processing powers and a choice of capacitive or reactive touch screens – all key factors of how good your CarPlay experience will be in the vehicle. Plus let’s hope we’ll have some Wireless CarPlay announcements by then, and if you’re swinging for the other team, there is Google’s Auto to play with too.

Do you think you’ll be attending the London Motor Show next year? Which vehicles will you be looking forward to checking out? Let us know below in the comments.

Visit the London Motor Show official website for more information on next year’s event.

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