Apple’s WWDC Event Unveils New CarPlay Features Coming to iOS 10


Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) unveiled a number of CarPlay features coming to its iOS platform in the form of the new iOS 10 update, which is coming this Fall. Let’s look at what was announced…

Apple Event June 2016 - Siri App Support

Developer Siri Support

Apple will now allow its iOS developers access to Siri. Which means you’ll be able to safely dictate to popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, WeChat and make VOIP calls via apps such as Skype.

Allowing developers access to Siri may also mean that we’ll see support for CarPlay music streaming apps, such as Spotify, which will allow you to ask Siri to ‘Play my songs in Spotify’ to launch the Spotify app and play your songs in Your Music, for example.

Apple Maps Updated

The biggest update in iOS 10 brings some much requested updates. Apple’s navigation app has had an all-new design, which also carries over to its CarPlay display.

Navigation will now include traffic whilst on route. Whilst driving the camera will zoom in at junctions, and zoom out when you’re on a straight or fast track of road. You can also pan and zoom to view upcoming traffic conditions. As seen in other apps such as Waze, Apple Maps in iOS 10 will also proactively scan the traffic ahead of you and suggest rerouting options and also display how much time the alternative route will save you.

The last feature mentioned on stage was that CarPlay navigation will support turn-by-turn information in the centre instrument cluster of your vehicle. Now, I am sure this will be only supported on newer CarPlay supported vehicles, and drivers like myself who have an OEM CarPlay system installed, should get their hopes up that their redundant centre display will suddenly come back to life with this iOS 10 update!

Apple Event June 2016 - Features

CarPlay App Reordering

This wasn’t mentioned on stage, but it is clearly listed as an iOS 10 feature coming to CarPlay. How this works I have yet to see until I get iOS 10 installed on a device – I don’t trust installing my everyday device with the first iOS 10 Beta!

I assume this maybe done via the iOS settings, or hopefully better still via CarPlay itself. There is also rumour that we will be able to remove certain stock Apple apps from our iOS devices in iOS 10, so removing apps such as Audiobooks, Podcasts and Music would also clear up much space for your more regular CarPlay apps.

CarPlay on Ultrawide Screens

This is another feature listed on their iOS 10 feature slide. Whether this means we will see more applications displayed on wider CarPlay screens, or icons will just occupy more space (made larger) on screen, we have yet to see. How wide is ‘ultrawide’ anyway?

No Mention of Wireless CarPlay!

I had high hopes that Apple would use this event to showcase wireless CarPlay, but sadly there were way more important things for Apple to walk us through during the two hour steamed event. Where that puts us next on the timeline of Apple-related things is a bit more tricky to predict. The next major event for them will now be around September time, which is where it will announce its iPhone 7 and possible iMac/Macbook refreshes. Will they announce more then? Who knows.

Hands on Coming Soon!

With the release of iOS 10 Beta 1 to developers, I hope to have iOS 10 on a device real soon, where I can then report on these new features, along with any new experiences that these updates bring, and anything we have yet to discover that wasn’t announced during Apple’s special event.

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