Apple iOS 9.0 Update Brings Audio Messages And Auto Manufacturer Apps to CarPlay


Apple released their milestone update to their iOS platform last week.

Version 9.0 brings a whole suite of updates to Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhones, iPods and iPads including up to 1 hour improved battery life, low power mode and app switching. However what extras are their for us CarPlay fanatics?

Audio  Message Playback

Now you are able to playback audio messages sent via Apple’s messages app.


Car Dial/Knob Control Support

For vehicles with dials and knobs to control the system’s interface, iOS 9 now supports the ability to interact using these manual gestures controls. This will no doubt be widely adopted in factory fitted systems, although I am sure touch screen will remain the core functionality in most vehicles.


Auto Manufacturer App Support

iOS 9 now gives the ability to dig a little deeper into new car’s features. Via the Auto manufacturer’s application in CarPlay, owners will be able to access vehicle specific options, from climate controls, to diagnostics and parking assistance.


Wireless CarPlay

Found under Settings > General > CarPlay, the option in iOS 9 allows users to enable Wi-Fi to connect to a compatible Wireless CarPlay system. No Wireless CarPlay system is available currently, so expect more news on the support of this feature in late 2015, early 2016, most likely at CES 2016.


iOS 9.0.1 Released

A number of compatibility issues have risen for some CarPlay owners using 9.0 of Apple’s iOS, however as of today version 9.0.1 has been released with numerous bug fixes that may squash any issues that owners have encountered. So if you’ve been having troubles with 9.0, be sure to try out the update 9.0.1.

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