Apple CarPlay’s new translucent side dock in iOS 13

As part of the all new features in iOS 13 for Apple CarPlay, the side dock has not only had a reshuffle, but it has also had its Home button redesigned and also its background is now blurred and translucent.

Two appearance modes can be set inside CarPlay’s new Settings app, as shared by u/qvtruong (below) on Reddit. These can be ‘Automatic’ or ‘Always use Dark Mode’.

The background is also blurred, in true Apple fashion, which makes the dock appear much nicer and works in harmony with whatever application that is running underneath it. This is pictured perfectly during last night’s keynote when Siri support was coming to 3rd Party applications including Waze.

iOS 13 releases to the general public this fall on all iPhones from iPhone 6s and newer, or an iPod Touch 7th Generation. The public beta will launch in July and developers will have access from today.

I hope we can get hands-on with the new Apple CarPlay in iOS 13 real soon. So stay tuned.

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