Apple CarPlay will not be coming to the Polestar 2 until 2021

Polestar has often positioned itself as the true alternative to Tesla, without ever really reaching those heights. That looks set to change with the upcoming Polestar 2 EV, which seems to be a true Tesla Model 3 rival. However, when the Polestar 2 does arrive, it will be missing something from its infotainment setup – Apple CarPlay. 

According to Polestar, the new electric vehicle will not ship with Apple CarPlay. Instead, it will arrive with Google’s Android Auto OS, with Apple’s in-car system not likely to be available until 2021. 

Android Auto is Google’s latest move to dominate the car dashboard. The platform taps into Google’s services, such as Google Maps. Navigation is important and Maps remains the industry leader. Polestar 2 drivers will be able to access maps to find nearby restaurants, casinos, and receive turn-by-turn directions. Looking for NJ licensed casinos is easier than ever and you can find the best venues for casino games such as poker… and you can even do it through your in-car infotainment system. 

However, Polestar says it also wants to appeal more directly to iPhone users, but only in 2021. In a tweet, the company said Apple CarPlay will not be available until midway through next year. 

“Apple CarPlay will be available via an OTA update towards the middle of 2021,” Polestar tweeted. “However, the lack of Apple CarPlay does not restrict any functionality with your iPhone in Polestar 2, except for being able to use Siri, Apple Music and other iPhone-based functionality.”

When the Polestar 2 arrives, it will have Android-only software, such as the Google Play Store for apps and Google Assistant for voice controls. Thanks to an onboard data connection, devices will not need to be connected physically. The company says it can also deliver software updates to the system. 

Over-air updates are important because one of these future updates will be used to deliver Apple CarPlay. However, while Polestar recognizes the importance of CarPlay, the company says users can make the most of Apple technology without the platform. 

“The functionality provided specifically by Apple CarPlay allows you to use Apple-specific features like Siri, Apple Music and Apple Maps directly from the phone, integrated into the car’s system. These functions are already built into Polestar 2 (advanced voice control, audio streaming and connected navigation),” Polestar points out, “so there is no overall lack of functionality without CarPlay.”

Still, if you’re an Apple iPhone owner, you may prefer the deeper integration and added security provided by Apple CarPlay. Although at least Polestar 2 owners will eventually get Apple CarPlay, something that will differentiate it from its competition. For example, Tesla’s avoidance of Apple CarPlay has been well-documented and caused plenty of anger amongst Apple iPhone users. 

The Polestar 2 has been in production since late March and is being developed in China. The company has not offered significant spec confirmation, such as EPA mileage delivered by the 78-kWh battery. Polestar has also continued to be vague on a launch date, only saying pre-order deliveries will begin this summer. 

When it arrives, the Polestar 2 will cost $59,900. 

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