Apple CarPlay Custom Wallpaper Support Coming to iOS 14

There are a lot of new features coming to Apple’s various devices, in this year’s iOS 14 update. has been spearheading most of these findings, yet a more recent finding uncovered by their iOS code finding crew has revealed another long-overdue Apple CarPlay feature.

It has been spotted that Apple will give users the opportunity to customise the background wallpaper of the Apple CarPlay home screen. As seen in the photo below from 9to5Mac, within iOS 14, users will be able to organise how wallpapers display across iOS devices, and these will behave also between light and dark modes.

Image from 9to5Mac – Homescreen in dark mode

The wallpapers from your iPhone look like they will also display as the background of your Apple CarPlay screen. Whether this will be an on/off feature remains to be seen, as not everyone will want this, and they may prefer the standard black background for better contrast in the day and at night situations.

Image from 9to5Mac – Homescreen in light mode

It’s likely, if this feature sees a public release, we may see a toggle in the CarPlay settings app to choose whether you want to pull in your iPhone wallpaper or not. This route will keep it simple, and very Apple, yet anyone seeking a different custom wallpaper may find themselves unable to specifically set a wallpaper for CarPlay. It is also possible that this feature will evolve to enhance customisations in a future iOS update after iOS 14 releases.

Our concept from 2015 showing side dock apps, quick switching and background wallpapers – all features that are being slowly implemented by Apple for Apple CarPlay

It is great to see Apple looking into such a feature. This was a feature we posted about back in 2015 as part of our 10 Apple CarPlay Improvements I Would Like to See article. In this article, we are seeing many of our desirable features slowly get implemented by Apple, which is great, albeit not at such a rapid pace as we had hoped. Better late than never, as they say.

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