Apple CarPlay Beats Google Android Auto in Latest Customer Survey

Every year we have the two giants – Apple and Google – compete against one another in a bout of customer satisfaction. Once again, the latest customer survey from J.D. Power has come around with results in favour of Apple’s infotainment solution.

From almost 20,000 drivers that were surveyed Apple came out on top with a score of 777 out of a 1,000 point scale, whilst Google’s Android Auto scored a fairly close 748 points.

CarPlay owners are more satisfied as a whole than Android Auto users. However Google, for now, have the edge over Apple in the navigation department. 56% of people surveyed who use their own navigation system chose to use Google Maps, whilst a surprising 16% were using Waze as their navigation of choice.

Apple will certainly claw this missing ground back as soon as their iOS 12 update releases, likely as soon as next week, with its ability to run third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze on Apple CarPlay soon after its release.

The tune of using mobile in-car solutions over automaker’s native options is still being played in this latest survey. 19% of drivers with factory installed navigation systems don’t use them, with 70% of those opting for another device instead, likely a smartphone.

Apple CarPlay has certainly been a slow burner for Apple, but this survey shows it is doing something right. To some CarPlay owners this might not be enough. The upcoming release of iOS 12 will bring some advancements to its infotainment platform, however a much needed overhaul has been rumoured to have been pushed back until a later date.

iOS 12 is due for release in September that will contain various improvements to Apple CarPlay, including support for third-party navigation apps. When we will see these navigation apps appear on CarPlay is uncertain. Apps like Google Maps and Waze will require CarPlay supported app updates to be released for them before they appear on your CarPlay display.

[Source: J.D. Power]

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