Alpine Announces First Aftermarket Wireless CarPlay Headunit

As I expected, the first Wireless CarPlay headunit has been unveiled at this year’s CES event in the USA.

The iLX-107 from Alpine will be the first aftermarket headunit from Alpine that will feature Apple’s Wireless CarPlay.

The receiver’s features and aesthetic mirrors Alpine’s first CarPlay receiver, the iLX-700/iLX-007, which carries over the 7″ capacitive touch screen display, dedicated physical Siri and Home buttons and AM/FM radio. Sadly, the WVGA display remains here, and it hasn’t been updated to a higher resolution this in around. Maybe next time eh, Alpine?

Releasing in February, the iLX-107 retail price has been set at $900, which adds a premium on top of what is basically a two year old receiver with Wireless CarPlay added – a feature rumoured to have been included (hidden) in its older brother.

Either way, if you’re still been waiting for Wireless CarPlay, is here people! Finally!

[Source: Alpine]

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