Deezer App Update Returns Apple CarPlay Support – But With A Catch

Deezer CarPlay

Apple CarPlay support was removed from the popular streaming app, Deezer, a few months ago, much to the confusion of its users. There wasn’t any insight on why CarPlay was removed, with some rumours spouting that the CarPlay side had bugs or there was a possible merger with the co-owned Stitcher radio application.

Yesterday saw Apple CarPlay support come back to the Deezer app, but with a small catch.

“Imagine if you could access all your music from the dashboard of your car. Well imagine no more, Deezer has teamed up with CarPlay allowing you to enjoy your playlists, mixes, albums and Flow in any car compatible with CarPlay. Available for iOS 7.1. users.”

What Deezer fails to mention in their app update description, is that CarPlay support is only available for Deezer Premium+ and Elite subscribers. Unlike Apple Music and Spotify, who both offer CarPlay support for free, Deezer have chosen to only offer this option  to their paying users, which I am sure will frustrate many.

Will this decision see you switch to another music streaming service? Let us know in the comments below.

You’ll find more news on the Deezer App and all other Apple CarPlay compatible apps in our Available CarPlay Apps area.

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