How to: Remove Apple Podcasts App From CarPlay

Not everyone uses the Apple Podcasts app, or you might like to use other third-party Podcast apps instead of Apple’s own, yet like all other stock Apple apps, you just can’t get rid of them!

Well, if you reside in this camp and you don’t use Apple’s Podcast app, follow this very quick CarPlay How to guide and let’s remove Apple’s Podcasts app from your CarPlay screen.

Grab your iPhone and follow these simple steps to hide the Apple Podcasts app from your iPhone and CarPlay home screen:

1. First enter the Settings App.


2. Select ‘General’ settings.

2.CarPlay Podcast App - Settings

3. Select ‘Restrictions’ settings.

3.CarPlay Podcast App - General

4. Inside Restriction settings, select ‘Enable Restrictions’

(If you have this options enabled, go to the next step)

4.CarPlay Podcast App - Restrictions off

5. Once Restrictions is Enabled, scroll down to the ‘Podcasts’ option and set its switch to the OFF position.

5.CarPlay Podcast App - Restrictions On Podcast off

6. If you are doing this whilst connected to Apple CarPlay, you should automatically see the Podcasts app disappear from your CarPlay home screen.

6.CarPlay Podcast App - No App

7. To fill the space with your remaining installed CarPlay apps, simply disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it.

The next time the home screen displays you will see the next app (in alphabetical order) appear to fill the space caused by the missing Podcasts app.

7.CarPlay Podcast App - Replaced Apps

Until Apple allow apps to be reorganised, which may be a while, we’re stuck with Apple apps taking priority on the first screen of our CarPlay home screens.

Unfortunately, you can’t hide the Music or Audiobooks apps in this same way, which is a shame for anyone (like me) who doesn’t use either app. Doing the above tip does at least allow you to bring any of your own CarPlay apps to the first screen; but if you have more than one, you’re stuck with the first of them appearing on your first screen in A-Z order, this is due to all remaining apps being alphabetised after Apple’s own apps. So like the last screen example above, my Mixcloud app appears before the Spotify app does – which is frustrating!

I hope you enjoy this How to tip on freeing your front screen of at least one of Apple’s CarPlay apps! You can find more of my Apple CarPlay How to tips here.

[Thanks to Downcast for the tip]

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