How to: Quickly Go Back to the Last Used App on iPhone X

Published On November 30, 2017 | How To

Apple only gives you a small number of gestures for its flagship iPhone, so you have to either browser its own (limited) Tips App, if you haven’t removed it already, browse the web or simply find out yourself. This is why we’re doing these short iPhone X guides, as these features can be so easily over looked. Recently I came across a new gesture, that since I discovered it, I can’t live without now!

It is a gesture that allows you to quickly swap back to the last closed app from your home screen, but don’t get this mixed up with swapping between apps at the bottom of the screen, however the gesture is the same.

The slow method to reopen the app you were last in, is to swipe up and hold to go into multitasking mode, then tap the last app you used. It’s painfully slow, compared when we all used to double tap the home button and then tap the last app you were in.

Thankfully there is an even quicker gesture that bypasses multitasking and instantly brings you back to your last used app. It’s highly intuitive and simple, and maybe you have already come across it, but for those that haven’t, let us help you discover it…

How to quickly swap back to the last used (closed) app

To quickly launch the last app you were in, do the following quick gesture.

From the home screen, swipe just below the bottom of the icons in the dock from left to right, just like you do when swapping between apps, whilst in an app.

That’s it! Simple eh? You’ll be doing it daily, trust me. Enjoy!

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