How to place Google Maps on your CarPlay Dashboard

When the Home Screen Dashboard came to Apple CarPlay, users only had the option of displaying Apple Maps on one of the side panels on the screen. With the release of iOS 14, Apple has now given applications the ability to replace Apple Maps with their favourite navigation app. 

The Home Screen Dashboard allows you to view directions and also control music playback, Siri suggestion and Apple HomeKit commands. Many still prefer the full-screen view of their favourite navigation app but for the multitaskers out there who want to control more than one app in CarPlay, the Home Screen Dashboard is their main go-to screen when firing up CarPlay in their vehicle. 

There are a select handful of navigation apps that have received updates to allow its navigation view to display on the dashboard, and Google Maps is just one of them. So let me tell you how you go about displaying Google Maps on the CarPlay Dashboard screen.

Google Maps on CarPlay Dashboard 

  1. Make sure your iPhone has the latest iOS 14 installed
  2. Download Google Maps app from the Apple App Store
  3. Jump into your vehicle and boot up CarPlay
When there are no directions enabled, Apple Maps will still show in the nav panel
  1. Note Apple Maps will be currently displayed on the Dashboard screen
Select the Google Maps app icon (bottom left in this image)
  1. Simply select Google Maps app on the CarPlay app menu screen
  2. Set a destination within Google Maps app and start it
  3. Now, select the Home Screen button (the icon at the bottom of the side dock) until you see the Home Screen dashboard appear.
Google Maps displaying on the Dashboard home screen
  1. The navigation panel will now be displaying Google Maps directions to your destination instead of Apple Maps. 

How do I return the dashboard navigation panel back to Apple Maps?

  1. Simply open up Apple Maps on CarPlay
  2. Set a destination in Apple Maps app
  3. Select the Home Screen button until you see the Home Screen dashboard
Apple Maps navigation displaying on the dashboard home screen
  1. The navigation panel will now be displaying Apple Maps directions to your destination instead of Google Maps.

Once your chosen navigation app is displaying it will always show this nav application in the navigation panel on the dashboard until an alternative navigation app has a destination set for it. 

Can I show Waze on CarPlay Dashboard screen? 

With Waze selected and a destination set, currently Waze will not display on the dashboard

Currently, at the time of writing this guide, there is no update for Waze to display on the CarPlay home screen Dashboard. The rumours are the real want to implement new features such as lane guidance before they allow Dashboard view, unfortunately. We will update this guide as soon as that changes. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn when Waze updated to support the Dashboard. 

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