Which Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle Should You Buy? New Dongles Compared + Boot Up Time + Audio Lag Test

UPDATE: A new 2022 round-up has been added – View this here!

Enjoy my newest Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle Comparison. This time around I cover 4 of the main Wireless Dongles I have also covered in past videos, plus one new addition of the MMB Android AI Box, which is a standalone dongle that converts your CarPlay display into an Android OS, to allow streaming from Apps like Netflix, Prime, Disney+ and many more on your CarPlay display. I test all these dongles in a 2020 Ford Fiesta with SYNC3 Expert Infotainment System with CarPlay enabled.

In this video we learn that you shouldn’t update the wireless dongle if you don’t need to. In this test I break the CPLAY2AIR dongle after just doing a software update. I now get a consistent hardware: wi-fi error. All dongles do work on the Ford SYNC3 system. The best performer is the CarLinkit 2.0 and the JoyeAuto WJUC-1 MMB+ is also a feature-rich dongle that works great in the 2020 Fiesta.

All dongles tested, their links to buy them and their review videos are below.

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Read our full review of each wireless Apple CarPlay dongle below

Watch my review for each Wireless Apple CarPlay dongle below

CPLAY2air → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjvquoFFaqE
CarLinkit 2.0 (Black) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRY-j2ojd5c
CarLinkit 2.0 (White) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7q2hpKB8B4
JoyeAuto WJUC-0 → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAiZEK_9idk
JoyeAuto WJUC-1 MMB+ → https://youtu.be/yCVkN7k65jU
JoyeAuto WJAN-4 MMB Android AI Box → https://youtu.be/_RxEWgt7fpY


0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Brief overview
1:48 – Wired speed test
2:16 – CPLAY2AIR dongle test
3:30 – Audio delay stutter demo
4:15 – Updating dongle failure
5:28 – CarLinkit 2.0 dongle test
6:18 – How to fix audio stutter
8:40 – JoyeAuto WJUC-0 dongle test
10:17 – JoyeAuto WJUC-1 MMB+ dongle test
12:10 – Media Cast demo on MMB+ (YouTube)
17:41 – MMB+ support for Netflix on CarPlay
18:56 – JoyeAuto WJAN-4 MMB Android AI Box dongle test
19:49 – Brief WJAN-4 demo of YouTube, Netflix, Candy Crush on CarPlay
23:26 – My impressions and what dongle to buy

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