Top 5 Apps We Wish Would Come to Apple CarPlay

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There are certain apps that have yet to offer CarPlay support, some native Apple Apps and some third-party Apps. Some Apps might not ever see the light of day on Apple’s CarPlay platform, for various reasons, but there is no harm in dreaming, right? So here are our Top 5 Apps that we’d like to see come to Apple CarPlay.

5. Apple Mail

So you get that important e-mail from work, the wife, a friend or a total stranger who’s asking a question about your eBay item, perhaps. You’ve been waiting for this e-mail to come through, but you’re now on the road and can’t stop to read or reply to it. Wouldn’t it be great if Siri read it out to you? Like it can do with your messages. Never miss an important e-mail again with CarPlay support for Apple’s Mail App!

New e-mail subjects could be read out to you, with a brief pause in-between to allow you to ask Siri to read it. You could even reply, just like a message. Everything is done already with messages, it’s just the a case of creating the right user experience to handle long body e-mails, and of course those nasty spam e-mails!

4. Find My Friends

So you’re meeting a friend for lunch. However they’ve said they won’t know where they are at the time of you driving out to them. They are in a new town and they don’t really know their way around. Fire up Find My Friends for CarPlay and let Siri and in-car navigation do the grunt work and help keep your eyes on the road!

Allow turn-by-turn navigation to get to your friend’s last known position. Display the map that shows you and your friend’s position. View a group of friends on the map as you all rendezvous at a central location. Perhaps you’re not sure where or how far your friends are along your group road trip, fire up Find My Friends in CarPlay and see their location all on your large CarPlay screen.

3. Twitter

So you’re on the road, stuck in a traffic jam and want to catch up on the latest goings on in the Twittersphere. Let Siri read out your timeline tweets safely without having the need to interact with a device, helping to keep your eyes on the road.

Whilst waiting at the lights, we’ve all seen people in our rearview mirrors, looking down into their laps, where their mobiles are, having a quick catch up on Twitter or checking their Facebook status. Let Siri do all the leg work and read them out to you, whilst you pay attention to the road.

Let Siri help you get your proposed tweet off your chest by simply telling Siri to compose a new Tweet. That way you never have to remember that witty remark whilst on the road again, simply compose it there and then and send it out to your Twitter followers. You can do it already over text messaging, why not do it over CarPlay?

2. WhatsApp

With voice and messaging over IP becoming more and more popular these days. Having the ability to message your WhatsApp contacts via CarPlay would be a killer feature for the ever popular cross-platform mobile app. With the company also announcing voice calls last month, what more reason to support CarPlay and talk to your WhatsApp contacts using your mobile data plan. It makes sense, and everything is already here, the voice to Siri messaging and calling/receiving calls via CarPlay too. Just let us message and talk to our WhatsApp contacts, safely, whilst on the road.

1. Weather

Weather is a common talked about subject amongst people, possibly ever more so whilst on the road – What will the weather be link on your road trip, or at the venue you’re driving to? What is the five day forecast for the city you’ll be staying in or back home whilst you’re on holiday? Why not ask Siri and let it display all this information at a glance on your CarPlay system whilst also dictating the weather to you whilst you keep your eyes on the road.

Sure we can just ask Siri, but it would be nice to see this visually and much better presented on screen.

What’s Your Top 5?

These are just a small collection of apps that would be a good match for Apple’s CarPlay. Clearly I’d love things like YouTube and Vine etc too, but due to safety reasons we can’t see any video apps offering support for CarPlay, not without some caveats, like not displaying video if the GPS detects you are moving at speed.

So what are you Top 5 Apps that you’d like to see on CarPlay? Let us know in the comments below. You never know what app developer is watching!

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