Our In-Car Listening Guide for Long Drives

These podcasts will keep you amused for hours on end

If you’re heading out on a massive road trip then you need to have some suitable listening material available. Blasting your favourite tunes on Apple Music is a great place to start but, eventually, you’ll lose your voice if you carry on singing along. So, once you’ve had enough music, a podcast is a good idea. On long drives, you might be able to binge a whole series of a story-based podcast, or stumble upon facts that you didn’t know before. You could use your time to catch up on current events, or pick up some tips for a hobby of yours. Whichever of those sounds most appealing, we’ve got a podcast that you’ll want to switch on for your next long drive.

Stuff You Should Know

Our first pick is a podcast that has been going on since 2008. It might not seem like long but, in podcasting terms, this one is seriously vintage. Josh and Chuck are the hosts of the show and, in episodes that range from twenty to sixty minutes, they’ll explain everything from how champagne is made to whether the legend of Pasqualita the living mannequin is really true or not. This is a great podcast for the curiously minded, as there’s a new one to enjoy most days.

If you’re particularly interested in one or two subjects then you can use the search function on their website to see if they’ve made a podcast about it yet. With more than 1500 shows under their belt, there’s a good chance that the team at Stuff You Should Know has already covered your most specialist topics.

DAT Poker Podcast

Now that poker is legal in Ontario, Daniel Negreanu’s poker podcast, DAT Poker Podcast, is even more relevant than ever. On this pod, Canadian poker legend Daniel Negreanu, along with Adam Schwartz, Terrence Chan, and Ross Henry, all weigh in on topical poker news, as well as discuss strategy and more.

This podcast is a great listen for beginners and pros alike, as you can skip ahead to the bit that interests you the most. Tournament chat is always fascinating for those who are up to date with key players, whilst strategy talk is well worth listening to for hopeful beginners.


If you like your podcasts with a heavy dose of mystery then Unexplained is a great one to choose. Written and performed by Richard Maclean-Smith, Unexplained tackles, as the name suggests, hundreds of previously unexplained stories. Some of them are science-based, some myths and legends, whilst others involve ghosts and the paranormal. The episode about the incident on the Diatlov Pass won numerous awards for its in-depth research and interesting take on the event.

Some of the stories that Richard tells involve so much detail that they’ll be released over the course of several episodes over a few weeks. They’re written in an almost storylike manner, making them incredibly easy to listen to. As well as this, Richard’s voice is mellow and relaxing, with a very British accent. Some people aren’t keen, while others love it. The only way to find out which camp you’re in is to listen.

CarPlay Podcast Apps

CarPlay has a number of CarPlay-compatible podcast apps to listen to these recommended podcasts. Apple Music is the native way to list, however, there are many other CarPlay-compatible apps out there, including Spotify, Overcast, Pocketcast, Downcast, Acast and Castro Podcast apps, to name just a few. Choose your podcast player of choice and give these a listen.

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