Ottocast Flagship CarPlay Adapters Compared: OTTOULTRA #082, PICASOU 2 & PICASOU 2 Pro

In this video, I compare three flagship CarPlay adapters from Ottocast – the OTTOULTRA #082 Wireless Adapter, the PICASOU 2 AI Box, and the PICASOU 2 Pro AI Box. Later in the video, I give you a sneak peek of their new PICASOU 3 AI Box.

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Each of these adapters helps to enhance your driving experience, and over the next few minutes in this video, I will uncover their unique features, so that you can choose the right adapter that suits your needs as well as your budget.

OTTOULTRA #082 Wireless CarPlay Adapter

First, let’s look at the OTTOULTRA #082, which is a compact wireless CarPlay adapter that’s all about elegance and efficiency.

Its #082 branding and more specifically its colour scheme has beeninspired by the lipstick colour of the same name. Underneath its fashionable exterior is the same U2-Air Pro adapter (Full Review). It features a compact design that doesn’t take up valuable space in your car. But don’t let its size fool you; it’s packed with a powerful chipset that boasts a rapid 14-second auto reconnection speed, which is around 30% faster than some of its competition. It also features a unique single-function button on the side that offers quick disconnection of your wirelessly connected device, which makes it suitable for instant disconnection and reconnection for multiple devices in the car.

The OTTOULTRA #082 currently retails on sale for $124.99 from the Ottocast store, and if you mention ‘CarPlayLife’ in your order, you’ll receive a free USB fast charger.

PICASOU 2 CarPlay AI Box Adapter

If you want extra versatility in the car, we have our next adapter – the PICASOU 2 (Full Review). This is a powerful and compact CarPlay AI Box. 

Running on the Android 10 platform, this adapter not only offers wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, but it also allows you the ability to run any Android app on your CarPlay display. From apps like YouTube and Netflix to weather apps and games. 

It also features a TF media card slot, SIM card internet connectivity and an HDMI output port to cast all of this content to an external display. Powered by the Qualcomm 665 8-core CPU, it delivers decent performance and responsiveness through its slick-looking user interface. 

With built-in GPS for Android OS navigation and the ability to download apps from the Google Play Store, the PICASOU 2 opens many possibilities to your CarPlay system display.

The PICASOU 2 currently retails on sale for $219.99 from the Ottocast store. Again, it comes with a fast charger if you mention ‘CarPlayLife’ at checkout.

PICASOU 2 Pro CarPlay AI Box Adapter

And finally, we have the PICASOU 2 Pro (Full Review); an enhanced AI Box that offers extra connectivity and flexibility. Just like its sibling, it runs on the same hardware and software capabilities, which ensures decent multitasking and performance of its slick user interface. The Pro, however, takes things up a notch.

Swapping the SD card slot for a more flexible USB-A input port, you’re empowered to expand your use and connectivity to USB drives and DVR cameras. Plus, the addition of HDMI INPUT enables you to not only connect to external displays in the car or around the home, you can also receive input from media streaming boxes and games console hardware, transforming your car into a total entertainment hub.

The PICASOU 2 Pro currently retails on sale for $279.99 from the Ottocast store, and get a fast USB charger with your order if you mention CarPlaylife at checkout.

Which Adapter is For You?

So you might still be asking yourself, which adapter is for you? 

Well, if video streaming entertainment is a must for you, both PICASOU 2 adapters allow streaming of video content from apps like Netflix and YouTube, Disney+ and Hulu, ensuring you’re never bored whilst charging your EV vehicle or if you’re waiting in the car. 

The OTTOULTRA #082 is more limited in its offerings, but it does offer some of the fastest wireless CarPlay connection speeds, and the new #082 features fashion-inspired looks.

The PICASOU 2 also boasts good looks, with its sleek round design, accompanied by an adjustable dynamic ambient light, which can add some extra flair to your car interior. 

For the ultimate in entertainment and expandability, we have the PICASOU 2 Pro, which has a more sedate and sophisticated black rectangular shape, radiating a sense of power and modernity.

I can also bring you a sneak peek at Ottocast’s upcoming PICASOU 3 adapter, which features a hardware boost to 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, on top of Bluetooth 5 support, and multiple ambient lights around its round casing. Look out for my review of this new adapter, on this channel, as soon as I can get my hands on it.

My Conclusion

So in summary, the U2-Air Pro OTTOULTRA #082 impresses with its simplicity in offering wireless connectivity, its compact size and lightning-fast reconnection speed. The PICASOU 2 series introduces Android 10 integration, SIM card support, and local media playback, and the Qualcomm 665 8-core Chipset gives adequate performance for the majority of tasks you’ll want to do in the car. While the PICASOU 2 brings versatility and the entire Android platform, the PICASOU 2 Pro adds enhanced connectivity and display options.


0:00 – Summary
0:29 – OTTOULTRA #082 Wireless Adapter
1:23 – PICASOU 2
2:23 – PICASOU 2 Pro
3:19 – Which Adapter is For You?
4:13 – PICASOU 3 Preview
4:38 – Comparison

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