My Supercar Driving Day Out With Everyman Racing – Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo & Ariel Atom Hot Lap

In February 2024, I drove over an hour to Dunsfold Aerodrome, also known as the Top Gear Test Track, to drive a couple of expensive supercars around its track. The public event was organised by Everyman Racing, and all costs spent and opinions are my own.

The day included two laps in a Lamborghini Gallardo and 2 laps in a Ferrari F430. An extra Hot Lap with an experienced driver was also thrown into the deal, and all this for half-price at £60 all in, I couldn’t turn down this discounted offer. It was on my bucket list to drive some of these cars, so I was looking forward to ticking this off my list.

The whole day was well organised, and the experience of driving both Ferrari and Lamborghini was short but thoroughly enjoyable. When searching online, Everyman Racing seems to get more of a bad rap than praise on YouTube and in forums, and although I also had some negative moments, the whole day overshadowed them and it was more positive overall – Maybe it was because I didn’t spend as much money and had a lot less expectations as those complaining.

Checking in & Upgrades

After checking in and sitting in a short briefing, we were let loose into the pit lane to sign into our pre-arranged supercars. Before this, we were offered some additional perks – for money of course. 

You can’t film yourself with your own camera, or mount them in/on the car either, so I took up the SD card upgrade (£30) so I was able to record video of my in-car experience. The second, and thankfully last, upgrade I purchased was the Driver Demo upgrade (£20), which gives you 2 laps driven by an expert who will show you how to navigate the track, its cone chicanes, the racing line, and the pit area. All of this would have had to be learnt on your first supercar drive, so I found having this knowledge in advance worthwhile and riding around in an M Sport BMW for another 2 laps added to the experience.

First Ride – Lamborghini Gallardo

After a fairly short wait (made longer due to me not realising you have to put your name down first), my first ride was in the Lamborghini Gallardo. I always thought this car was a heavy, chunky wedge of a car and after driving it for 2 laps, these opinions were changed. I found it was so easy to drive, visibility out the front was great, and although it did feel heavy, this made it grip the rather damp winter track conditions. The engine exhaust note was of course epic to hear behind my back, and it never failed to raise a few smiles when I gave it the beans down the straights and out of corners. 

Track side photo of me in the Lamborghini Gallardo

Sadly, you couldn’t do a full fast lap at Dunsfold, as part of the course goes near the coned pit lane and you have to slow down before approaching the end of each lap. I achieved a lap time of 1:45 and 1:35 in laps 1 and 2, which clearly shows I was learning the ropes of the track, the car, and I wanted to respect the car and instructor by easing myself into the car’s performance – rather than putting my foot down like an overzealous ‘youth’. Still, I managed to score 37 out of 40 for my ride, which is apparently over ‘up-and-coming F1 driver’ status and it surprised my Ferrari instructor. Maybe they do this for anyone. I’ll take the praise. 

Navigating A Busy Track

Even though it was a cold and windy February, the whole event was very busy, with many drivers and families watching on the sidelines (same area where you have to check in), and that meant the track too was also a little busy. Both drives saw me slowing down a little for one or two occasions, or else I would catch up with the slower cars in front. Some I did have to pass. Although it was annoying, it didn’t disappoint me too much, it was just another obstacle that you could go around, testing the acceleration of each supercar even more – this is why I think they do the coned chicanes around the track.

Inside Ferrari F430
Inside camera footage of the Ferrari F430

Second Ride – Ferrari F430

My next ride was in a Ferrari F430. I always wanted to say I had driven a Ferrari. Other than having posh friends, this was the easiest and cheapest way to tick that box. Again, 2 laps were over quickly, and I found the ride quite different to the Lamborghini Gallardo. It felt a lot lighter, with a feel that was more on its toes (wheels) around the track. This explains the prancing horse logo a little more to me now. Compared to the heavy bull of the Lambo, the Ferrari did feel more like a prize-winning thoroughbred. Cornering felt that I had to take them more gingerly around, yet even in damp conditions, it did hug the road around the corners and chicanes more than I was expecting until I was encouraged by the instructor. 

Track side photo of me in the Ferrari F430

My times in the Ferrari were 1:28 and 1:24 for laps 1 and 2, which shows I was getting more used to the track, and the acceleration zones and I guess I had more confidence (or respect) for the machinery that I was more willing to throw around the track more willingly. The sound of the Ferrari’s engine also didn’t fail to raise many smiles around the track. Inside, it shared the same cramped pedal layout as the Lambo, maybe a little tighter, which was a surprise. I didn’t like the fixed gear shifters in the Ferrari and I much more preferred the shifters to be attached to the wheel, as they were in the Lambo. The condition of each car was also a surprise, with many parts worn, taped up or broken off, though these didn’t affect the ride. 

Inside video footage of the Lamborghini Gallardo

Both rides were great fun though, and of course, I wanted to jump in and sample more, but my stronger willpower took the better of me and I stuck to what I had already paid for. That was until my Hot Lap with a professional. 

Hot Lap With A Professional Driver – Ariel Atom

Before my time for the Hot Lap, I thought we were having the ride in the cars we had chosen. Instead, it was a lap in an M Sport BMW 135i, sadly along with three other strangers/friends that also paid. If you didn’t take the front seat, you would be thrown around the track in the back seats of the car, which isn’t that great. Thankfully, I found out that for £15 extra, you could upgrade to 1 lap in the passenger seat of an Ariel Atom. With a 3.1 second 0-60 time, and only one passenger seat, this was a no-brainer for me – Sold! 

My 1 fast lap around the Dunsfold track in the Ariel Atom awaits!

Having first seen the Ariel Atom on the TV show Top Gear, where it almost ripped the face off Jeremy Clarkson, I wanted to also taste this kind of acceleration. So as gracefully as I could, I stepped into and lowered myself into the passenger seat of the Atom. Like stepping into the seat of an F1 car, whilst being belted up, I was told to cross my arms and legs. OK, I thought, this was going to be one hell of a ride – I was right! 

They could have dressed the driver in the white Stig bodysuit and helmet and I would have believed it was him. The driver was very experienced at pushing the Atom to its limit. He really put his foot down and took the Atom around the track on the ragged edge. For someone who loves speed, acceleration and cars, this was a total thrill, sadly a thrill that was over all too soon. For a £50 extra upgrade, I could have had 2 laps, but one was enough to get a taste of the Atom over the BMW. Next time I would want to drive it instead!

Money Spent & Was It Worth It?

And with that, this was it. After a short debrief over a trailer truck hot chocolate with my good friend, discussing the experience and the supercars we could afford, it was time to head home. 3 hours of fun times had, and £125 total spent. Was it worth it? Hands down, I thought it was worth it. 

I did have a corrupt video file, but I was compensated with all the track photos taken of me for free, which I thought was a good enough compromise. I managed to recover the file anyway after. Sadly I had no photos of me in each car and on asking them over email I was ignored. But photos are for sharing, the memory of the day will never leave me. I am already thinking of going again to test out that bright green Porsche GT3-RS, an Audi RS, a Nissan GT-R, and…and…

Tips If You Do Attend

  1. Read all the important PDF info they give you. Print out the parking notices for your car and fill in the sign-in form to save you time from doing it on the day. 
  2. Make sure you check into each ride by telling the person that’s next to the flag of the car you will be riding.
  3. Don’t lose your car form. This is your ticket to each experience, as you’ll need to give it to each instructor you drive with. It will also show your times and lap score. 
  4. Don’t bring too much with you if you’re on your own. Avoid bags unless you’re with someone who can hold all this stuff. There isn’t much room in the car.
  5. For first-timers on the track, the 2-lap demo drive (£20) as a passenger was worth it, just to understand the track before going into the real cars and learning that way.
  6. The SD filming upgrade (£30 on the day) was worth it to capture memories of each ride. Its 32GB size is also a good size to reuse afterwards. Just be sure to check the card with the team at the end of the day to check if any are corrupt.
  7. The 1 hot lap Ariel Atom upgrade (£15) is worth it if you can’t guarantee a front-passenger ride in the BMW. It’s also much faster and more of a thrill. For £50, 2 laps is a bit of an ask. I would have done it for £30 as they burn it around the pit straight on the second lap also.

If you’re interested in going to a similar event, you can learn about what Everyman Racing offers near you, along with the cars you can drive there. I hope this review has helped give a little insight into their overall supercar driving experience. 


0:00 – Driving In
2:27 – Arrival
5:09 – My Impressions
11:06 – 2 Laps in Lamborghini Dunsfold Aerodrome
16:45 – 2 Laps Ferrari F430 Dunsfold Aerodrome
22:30 – Car Comparisons
24:07 – Lap times
24:50 – Some negatives on the day
27:14 – Tips for the day

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