My Car Setup Tour – VW Golf GTI & Car Tech | 5000 YouTube Subscriber Special

Enjoy my car setup tour of my VW Golf GTI & Car Tech. This is a special video to celebrate reaching 5000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I asked you guys what you wanted to see, and the highest number of votes went to a tour of my car and the tech I use inside. So here it is…

I’d like to thank all of you that have subscribed to this channel. In under 2 years, we have reached 5000, which is amazing! It has been a wild ride, and I like to think that I have improved a lot with all your comments and feedback since my very first video in December 2019.

I hope you enjoy this brief car tour and the tech I regularly use inside. As an added bonus I touch on my favourite apps on CarPlay and tips on how I like to layout my CarPlay home screen.

Products shown in this video:

✅  Alpine X902D-G7 Review

✅  Alpine TuneIt App App Store

✅  Ottocast U2-Now Wireless Dongle Amazon

✅  CarLinkit 3.0 Wireless Dongle Amazon

✅  ESR HaloLock Magnetic Charger Amazon

✅  Bonola Magnetic Charger AliExpress Amazon

✅  ESR MagSafe Silicone Case (Many colors) Amazon

✅  Anker PowerDrive Speed+2 USB-C Charger Amazon

✅  70mai A800 4K Dash Camera (Better A800S model) Amazon

✅  70mai Pro Dash Camera (Now Updated) Amazon

✅  Tacklife TG01 Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge (Alternatives) Amazon

✅  Audew Tire Inflator (Alternatives) Amazon

✅  Audew Portable Jump Starter Battery (Alternatives) Amazon


0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Brief overview
0:56 – My car history
1:49 – My first CarPlay system
2:09 – What I drive now & features
2:38 – Upgrade to Alpine X902D
3:44 – My favourite wireless CarPlay dongle
4:17 – My favourite CarPlay apps
4:59 – My CarPlay screen setup
5:39 – My ESR phone mount
6:54 – My Anker PowerSpeed+2 USB charger
7:19 – My 70mai A800 dash camera
8:13 – LED tyre monitor
8:20 – Audew tyre inflator
8:32 – Audew Portable jump starter battery
9:05 – Wrap up

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