How to: Turn Off App Notifications in Apple CarPlay

Whether you prefer not to be distracted, or you just don’t want to be notified by iOS apps whilst in your vehicle, here is a quick handy How To Guide on remove notification alerts from appearing on your CarPlay display.

First of all, there is No feature to turn off all CarPlay alerts, so you have to chose each app that displays a notification whilst in CarPlay mode. Luckily, these only reside in only a handful of CarPlay compatible apps, so let’s use Apple’s own Message app as our example app:

1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone.

2. Select the Notifications option

3. Scroll down to the app that you would like to hide notifications whilst using CarPlay, in our case we shall select Messages

4. At the bottom of the selected app’s setting screen, you’ll notice the ‘Show in CarPlay’ option. Turn this option off to hide this app’s notifications whilst using CarPlay.

5. Your done!

You can continue to select any other app that alerts you whilst in CarPlay (the only other app I could find this option in was the Phone app).

As more apps are allowed this function, I am sure we will see this feature become available in other apps too, and in future, a more global toggle to block all alerts in CarPlay.

If you get stuck, you have a question, or you have a suggestion or tip on this How to, let us know in the comments below.

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