How to Install Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle – CPLAY2air

We had a few people ask for a guide on how to install the CPLAY2air wireless Apple CarPlay dongle in the car, so I thought I’d oblige and create this short video guide on how to install the dongle in our VW Golf Mk7.

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Note: The dongle still had my iPhone known in its software, I could have removed it prior to this video to give a more accurate install procedure, but for first-time installers, or installers having problems, you will not see the second screen showing the iPhone on the right. Instead, from the first screen, just press the Search button and then continue to follow our guide on how to pair to the dongle via Bluetooth. Both will pair with each other.

Read our full review of the CPLAY2air dongle over on CarPlayLife


00:10 – Intro and overview of how CPLAY2air works
02:30 – Quick wired Apple CarPlay demo
03:26 – Disconnecting Lightning Cable from USB and iPhone
03:57 – Plug in the CPLAY2air dongle in the same USB port
04:25 – CPLAY2air main menu display, tap Search to find your iPhone
04:57 – Open Settings – Bluetooth and connect to dongle device ID name that’s displayed on the screen
05:35 – Confirm iOS popup on the phone to Enable CarPlay
06:10 – Wi-Fi disconnects from any other Wi-Fi source and begins to stream wirelessly CarPlay to the dongle which displays on your receiver display
06:35 – Wireless CarPlay via CPLAY2air dongle demo
07:15 – Troubleshooting ideas to some issues

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