How to: Enable Reachability on an iPhone X

With the increase in screen real-estate of the iPhone Plus models, Apple created the Reachability feature in its iOS software. Reachability is an iOS feature that allows users the ability to toggle and slide the iPhone screen’s content down to allow you to reach apps at the top of the screen as well as Control Center on the iPhone X. This feature is great for smaller fingers, and it also works well if you’re holding your iPhone in one hand and wish to reach the top of the display without changing the grip on your iPhone.

Reachability was toggled on the iPhone Plus models by double-taping on the device’s Home button, but without such a button on the iPhone X, owners have to now enable Reachability first, before being able to use a new gesture.

How to enable Reachability on iPhone X

Reachability isn’t enabled by default. Follow the steps below to enable it on your iPhone X.

  1. Enter the Settings App
  2. Select the General option
  3. Then select Accessibility option
  4. Scroll down to Reachability, located under Interaction, and set the switch to the ON position.

Reachability is now enabled. Now all you need to do is do the gesture needed to invoke the Reachability command…

How to toggle Reachability on iPhone X

Toggling Reachability can be a little hit and miss. If you’re right handed, the most consistent way of toggling this feature is to carry out below in one continuous movement.

  1. Tap the gap between the last two icons in the dock, or similar horizontally across the display
  2. Quickly flick down, as one gesture, off the screen to invoke Reachability


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